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Auto Hail Repair

What is PDR?

Paintess dent removal, or PDR, is the art of removing dents or dings without the use of body filler or paint.  PDR utilizes an array of specialized tools and innovative techniques to precisely push, pull and massage the metal back into its manufactured state.  Opposed to conventional body repair, PDR does not require the use of body filler, sanding, paint or harsh chemicals to complete the repair.  This allows for an environmentally friendly repair to fully restore the beauty and value of your vehicle while eliminating the risk of mismatched paint, aftermarket panels jeopardizing fitment issues and results in a much faster repair process! 

Auto Hail Repair

My insurance paid for conventional repair!

Not to worry!  Extensive hail damage may result with the insurance companies paying for conventional body repair.  Estimates that display conventional repair translates to the cheaper alternative for the insurance companies.  In most cases, our highly experienced technicians will go to extraordinary lengths of utilizing the PDR process to save your vehicles value!  If conventional repair is necessary or preferred, Metal Magic can tailor a repair process to best suit you!

Why choose Metal Magic to repair your vehicle?

Metal Magic is a family owned and operated company focusing on exceptional quality, striving to accommodate to each and every customer providing a personable experience with an unmatched service!  We recognize the significance of restoring your vehicle to its previous beauty while rejuvenating your confidence in a vast market of contingency.

  • Our experienced technicians utilize innovative tools and techniques to provide uncomparable results.

  • We accommodate to you and your busy schedule resulting in a hassle-free experience.

  • Pick up and delivery service offered for your convenience.

  • Metal Magic refuses to be a 'preferred shop' resulting in the ability to pay your deductible and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

  • We use OEM dealer certified parts.

  • $0 out of pocket and 100% customer satisfaction, GUARANTEED!

  • Written lifetime/nationwide warranty!!

Auto Hail Repair
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