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Auto Hail Repair

We're here to help!  Let us navigate you through the claim process and remain stress-free! 

Contact your insurance company to begin a claim. They will assign you a claim number and schedule an appointment for the adjuster to come look at your vehicle in order to generate a rough estimate.

  • Will hail claims raise my rates?  Generally, comprehensive claims won't trigger rate hikes.  Insurance companies typically deem weather events to be beyond your control or "an act of God".  Keep in mind - premiums may increase in your geographical area following a severe weather event, even if you don't file a claim.


Your us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Insurance companies may refer you to what they label as a "preferred shop". Preferred shops will charge your deductible and add you to the bottom of a long waiting list. Don't be alarmed!..You have the freedom to choose the shop of your preference.  Metal Magic focuses exclusively on hail damage repair avoiding long waiting list and quick turnarounds.  We provide you with a written lifetime, nationwide warranty on all parts, paint and labor to ensure 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!

Auto Hail Repair

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